Croatia 2023: Dora – Songs Released!

At this edition of Dora, the Croatian national final, 18 artists will participate in order to get the ticket to Liverpool.

The Croatian public broadcaster released the names of the 18 participants a month ago. Now, it was time for the songs to be released! You can listen to them in the YouTube playlist below!


  • Angels And Demons – Damir Kedžo
  • Bye Bye Blonde – Meri Andraković
  • Distance – Martha May
  • Dom – Tajana Belina
  • Free Falin’ – Đana
  • Grijeh – Boris Štok – Grijeh
  • I Still Live – Maja Grgić
  • I Will Wait – Patricia Gasparini
  • Kme Kme – Krešo I Kisele Kiše
  • Kreni Dalje – Eni Jurišić
  • Lost And Found – The Splitters
  • Love At First Sight – Yogi
  • Mama Šč! – Let 3
  • Master Blaster – Detour
  • Nesreća – Hana Mašić
  • Nevera (Lei,lei) – Harmonija Disonance
  • Putem Snova – Barbara Munjas
  • Putovanje – Top Of The Pops Ft. Mario 5reković

What do you think about the participants? What do you think about the songs? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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