Denmark 2023: DMGP – Reiley Remains In The National Final!

A development about the Danish national final!

DR, the Danish public broadcaster, released the names of the participants of DMGP along with their entries a few days ago. However, soon after it came to the surface that Reiley had performed his entry “Breaking My Heart” in public last autumn. That is not against Eurovision rules – the song cannot be published prior to September 1st, of the year prior of each Eurovision – but against DMGP rules, because that could give an advance to the entries.

DR confirmed that the song can stay in the national final, due to the fact that the show, where Reiley performed his entry was in South Korea, thus didn’t get advanced in promoting his song to the Danish audience.


You can listen to all the available entries on our Spotify playlist below!


What do you think about the artists? What do you think about the songs? Let us know in the comments below!


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