Latvia 2023: Supernova – Running Order Of Semifinal Revealed!

Photo By: LRT

Today, the Latvian broadcaster released more information regarding its national final!

Supernova will return this year. The show will consist of one semifinal and a final. After a jury evaluated the 121 songs that were submitted, 15 songs selected to participate in the semifinal. The semi is set to take place on February 4 and the final on February 11. From the semifinal 10 acts will proceed to the final, where they will try to take the gold. Now, the organisers revealed the running order of the semifinal.

Running Order

  1. Artūrs Hatti – Love Vibes
  2. Alise Haijima – Tricky
  3. Inspo – Sway
  4. Toms Kalderauskis – When It All Falls
  5. Katrine Miller – Beaten Down
  6. Justs – Stranger
  7. Adriana Miglāne – Like I Wanna
  8. 24. Avēnija – You Said
  9. Markus Riva – Forever
  10. Avéi – Let Me Go
  11. Patrisha – Hush
  12. Raum – Fake Love
  13. Luīze – You To Hold Me
  14. Sudden Lights – Aijā


A number of artists are returning to the national final. Markus Riva, who has participated 8 times in the past (2014-2020, 2022) will return. Katrine Miller has also participated in the past three times (2014, 2017, 2018) under the name Katrine Lukins. Moreover, Toms Kalderauskis has tried two times in the past (2017, 2020).

In addition, two 2022 artists return for the second consecutive time, Inspo and Raum. Both artists participated in the last edition of the show.

Justs is familiar with Eurofans. He competed in 2016 at the national selection and managed to win the show. His song “Heartbeat” (music, lyrics: Aminata) travelled to Stockholm and placed 15th with 132 points.


What do you think about the national final? What do you think about the songs and the artists? Let us know in the comments below!


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