Germany 2023: Unser Lied Für Liverpool – Ikke Hüftgold Won TikTok Wildcard!

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Germany will hold a national final in order to select its next Eurovision representative!

The German public broadcaster had announced that a national final will be used in order to find its next Eurovision participant. Last week, we got the names of the 8 artists of the national final. The last artists for the show was announced through TikTok. The winner of the last place of the show is Ikke Hüftgold with the song “Lied mit gutem Text”.


  1. TRONG – “Dare to Be Different”
  2. Patty Gurdy – “Melodies of Hope”
  3. Will Church – “Hold On”
  4. Lonely Spring – “Misfit”
  5. Frida Gold – “Alle Frauen in mir sind müde”
  6. Anica Russo – “Once Upon a Dream”
  7. Lord Of The Lost – “Blood and Glitter”
  8. René Miller – “Concrete Heart”
  9. Ikke Hüftgold – “Lied mit gutem Text”

Source: ARD

What do you think about the national final? Are you excited to hear the entries? Let us know in the comments below!


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