Estonia 2023: Eesti Laul – Guide For Tonight’s Final!

Eesti Laul’s final is taking place tonight!

Estonia will select its entry for Eurovision through Eesti Laul. After the two semifinals took place last month, the Estonian public decided for the 12 acts that qualified for the final of the show. Tonight, the final of the show will take place!

1. Meelik – Tuju

Meelik is a four member band that will perform in the show their song “Tuju”, which means “Mood”.

2. Inger – Awaiting You

Inger Fridolin or simply INGER was born on March 11, 1999 in Tallinn, Estonia. She is a singer and composer. She came to public attention after her participation at Noortebänd, where she reached the final. After multiple competitions including the 2019 (6th place) and 2020 (8th place) version of the Estonian national final, she is now ready for Eesti Laul.

She has released multiple singles, while her debut album came out in 2022.

3. JANEK – House Of Glass

Janek Valgepeak was born on June 4, 1994, in Tallinn, Estonia. He is a singer and composer. He made his breakthrough in Estonia, through his participation in the Estonian version of Idol, where he managed to get to the live shows. In 2013, he was backing vocalist of Grete Paia at Eesti Laul.

This year, his entry is co-composed by Kjetil Mørland (Norway 2015).

4. Elysa  – Bad Philosophy

Elisa Kolk was born on July 14, 1997 in Tartus, Estonia, but she is known as Elysa. She is singer and songwriter that her career dates back in 2011. In her childhood she competed in singing competitions and studying in music schools. In 2015, she competed for the first time in the Estonian national final, placing 3rd in the final. Throughout the years she has released a number of songs. Last year, she competed in the national final placing again 3rd.

Her 2023, entry is co-composed by Stig Rästa (Estonia 2015).

5. m els – So Good At What You Do

m els is a young artist, who this year is making her entry in Eesti Laul. Her entry is co-composed by two former Eurovision participants Stig Rästa (Estonia 2015) and Stefan (Estonia 2022).

6. Bedwetters – Monsters

Bedwetters are a pop-punk band, which was formed in 2004. The group became famous in the country in 2007, when it won a contest for groups. After multiple singles, Bedwetters released their debut album in 2009. The band took a pause in 2013, before returning in 2022.

The current members are: Joosep Järvesaar, Mihkel Mõttus, Karl-Kristjan Kingi, Kaspar Koppel and Rauno Kutti.

7. Andreas – Why Do You Love Me?

Andreas is competing to the Estonian national final with a sentimental ballad, which is co-composed by himself.

8. Alika – Bridges

Alika Milova or simply Alika is an Estonian singer and songwriter. She gained fame through her participation at the 8th edition of the Estonian Idol. At the show, she was won and now she is heading for Eesti Laul.

Alika’s entry is co-composed by Wouter Hardy, who has also co-composed Duncan Laurence’s entry, “Arcade”.

9. Anett x Fredi – You Need To Move On

Anett and Fredi are competing this year to the Estonian national final. The entry managed to qualify to the final at the first round of voting of the first semifinal.

10. OLLIE – Venom

Oliver Mazurtšak or simply OLLIE was born on August 26, 1993. He is a singer, songwriter and producer. He released his first single in 2015, when he collaborated with Uku Suviste (Estonia 2020, 2021). Today, he has released multiple singles.

11. MIA – Üks samm korraga

Kersti Kukk or better known with her stage name MIA was born in 1987 in Tallinn, Estonia. She is a singer and songwriter. She made her musical debut in the 2010’s.

Her entry at the national final is composed by herself.

12. SISSI – Lighthouse

Sissi Nylia Benita a.k.a. SISSi was born on Mech 25, 1999. She is an Estonian singer and songwriter. She made her debut in Eesti Laul in 2019, placing 4th in the show. In 2021, she returned and managed to place 2nd.

The entry is composed by herself.

You can listen to all the Eesti Laul’s entries on our Spotify playlist below!

What do you think about the artists? Are you going to watch the show? Let us know in the comments below!


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