Sweden 2023: Melodifestivalen – Loreen’s Entry Interrupted!

Photo By: Artist’s Official Facebook Page

Loreen was interrupted during her performance!

Last Heat of Melodifestivalen is now live from Malmö. Loreen was the last act to perform on the stage. During the performance of “Tattoo” – her entry – a man interrupted her, by getting on the stage along with a sign.

As quickly as they could, the organisers moved the person off the stage and turned the camera to the audience. Shortly after, Loreen was stopped before completing her song. The hosts, Farah and Jesper filled in the gap before the stage was reset.

“Loreen’s performance was interrupted and the TV viewers did not get to experience it as it was intended. We therefore decided that she would be allowed to perform it in its entirety again.”

Anders Wistbacka, project Manager

Loreen managed to perform the entry from the very begin, achieving an amazing result. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she is the winner of the 4th heat!

What do you think about the incident? What do you think about Loreen’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!


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