Serbia 2023: Pesma Za Evroviziju – Finalists!

Photo By: RTS

Serbia will select its next Eurovision participant through a national final!

Over the past two days, the two semifinals of Pesma za Evroviziju took place. Eight artists qualified from each show. You can see the finalists on the list below!


  • Nađa – “Moj prvi ožiljak na duši”
  • Princ – “Cvet sa Istoka”
  • Filip Baloš – “Novi plan drugi san”
  • Luke Black – “Samo mi se spava”
  • Emphaty Soul Project – “Indigo”
  • Stefan Shy – “Od jastuka do jastuka”
  • Boris Subotić – “Nedostupan”
  • CHEGI & Braća bluz bend – “Svadba ili kavga”
  • Hurricane – “Zumi zimi zami”
  • Nadia – “Devojka tvog dečkat”
  • Filarri – “Posle mene”
  • Zejna – “Rumba”
  • Frajle – “Neka, neka”
  • Dzipsii – “Greh”
  • Gift – “Liberta”
  • Duo Grand – “Viva la vida”

Pesma za Evroviziju ’23

The national final this year is titled “Pesma za Evroviziju ’23”, which means “Song for Eurovision ’23”. It will consist of two semifinals and a final. The semifinals was held between March 1 and 2. The final of the show will take place on March 5.

What do you think about the national final? What do you think about the competing artists? Let us know in the comments below!


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