ESC 2023: Meet Lord of the Lost From Germany!

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This year, Germany selected Led of the Lost as its representatives. Lord of the Lost is a five-member industrial metal band, which was formed in 2007, in Hamburg.

The band consists of Chris “Lord” Harms (vocals), Class Grenayde (bass), Gared Dirge (piano), Pi (guitar) and Niklas Kahl (drums).

In 2010, they released their debut album and today they have released a total of 10 studio albums and 5 EPs. Their most recent album was released last year and managed to top the German charts.

Earlier this year, they competed in the German national final for Eurovision, where they won, thus gaining the right to represent their country at the contest. Their entry, “Blood & Glitter”, was composed by Anthony J. Brown, Chris Harms, Pi Stoffers and Rupert Keplinger.

The song is prequalified to the final, but Germans will be able to vote in the first semifinal!

What do you think about the song? Will Germany manage to win for the third time? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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