ESC 2023: Rehearsals – Day 7!

Photo By: Chloe Hashemi / EBU

A couple of hours ago, the seventh day of rehearsals came to an end. The prequalified acts of this years’s Eurovision performed for the second time at the arena in Liverpool. This year, not only the first rehearsals but also the second ones are close to the press. However, people can watch a glimpse of them through the official YouTube channel of Eurovision, with a recap of the actual TV footage we will get in the semifinals.

The countries which performed today were: Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Spain and the United Kingdom.

We already know that Ukraine will perform 19th and the United Kingdom 26th. Today, the rest of the pre-qualified acts draw in which part of the final will perform. France, Italy and Spain will perform in the first half, whilst Germany will join Ukraine and the United Kingdom to the second half.

You can watch the recap video below:

Our notes on the clips:

  • Germany has an amazing performance. The vocals are captivating and everything click smoothly together; the outfits, the colours of the stage, the graphics, the fire effects.
  • France chose the beginning of its performance, therefore we can hear La Zara singing for a long time. However, the aesthetic is tremendous, I can’t imagine, that someone won’t be hooked by this staging.
  • Italy’s performance is the same like the national final. Marco is a unique singer and there is a sentimentality in the song.
  • Ukraine’s footage shows us how the prop is being used by the dancers. A clever game between the graphics and the performers.
  • Spain is such a moment. Blanca along with her performers creates a one of the kind combination of folk music and modern sound.
  • The UK wasn’t included in the recap of the day for unknown reasons. Earlier today, there was a video that was available online from the rehearsal, which show Mae singing, but a male backing vocalist sounded over her voice. After fans mention it online, she commented that there were some technical issues. Maybe that’s the reason that Mae’s performance wasn’t included in the recap.

Tomorrow Turquoise carpet will take place in Liverpool. Al the competing entries will walk the carpet and then will join the organisers to the Opening Ceremony of the contest.

What do you think about the second rehearsals? Which are your favourite and your least favourite act so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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