Country Of The Month: Switzerland Part-1!

We continue our series of articles “Country Of The Month” with Switzerland. Find out more about Vanilla Ninja and their song “Cool Vibes”!

41 Countries Will Compete In 2020!

A few minutes ago, it was released by the official site of the contest, the complete list of the participating nations. Check it out! 35 Countries in the Semis Albania 🇦🇱 Cyprus 🇨🇾 Israel 🇮🇱 Romania 🇷🇴 Armenia 🇦🇲 Czech Republic 🇨🇿 Latvia 🇱🇻 Russia 🇷🇺 Australia 🇦🇺 Denmark 🇩🇰 Lithuania 🇱🇹 San Marino 🇸🇲…

Friday’s Quote – Switzerland 2013

Our quote today is from the Swiss entry of 2013. The selected entry was “You And Me” by Takasa. Takasa was six-member group that ws active between 2012 and 2013. The members were Sarah Breiter, Jonas Gygax, Katharina Hauri, Christoph Jakob, Emil Ramsauer and Michel Sterckx. In late 2012, the band won the Swiss national…

National Final Reminder: Vanilla Ninja – Birds of Peace

We continue the National Final Reminder with something from 2007. Today, we will travel to Estonia. Estonia back in 2007 decided its representative through Eurolaul, a show similar to nowadays Eestilaul.  Ten contestants were trying to win the event and represent their country in Eurovision. Vanilla Ninja and their song “Birds of Peace” finished third…

Editorial: Eurovision 2019 – Everything You Missed!

48 hours after the grand final and I’m sure you all have post-Eurovision depression, like me! But what really happened on Saturday’s final? In this post, I’m going to analyse the events of last week’s shows!