The ESC Show

A Podcast by My Eurofreaks!

A podcast created by! Here we talk about the most entertaining show in Europe – the Eurovision Song Contest!

The fifteenth episode is now streaming!

After the Grand Final The ESC Show 2023

On this episode we talk about the results of both the Grand Final of ESC 2023 and the Semifinals. We also comment on the most eye-catching moments of the show. This is our first Podcast, so be kind and patient with us. Any feedback is more than welcome! You can read more about the artists on our site: ⁠⁠! Music by ComaStudio from Pixabay. Sound Effect from Pixabay.
  1. After the Grand Final
  2. Before the Grand Final
  3. After the 2nd Semifinal
  4. Before the 2nd Semifinal
  5. After the 1st Semifinal

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