Poland 2022: Krystian Ochman Wins The National Final!

Photo By: Eurovision.tv

TVP, the Polish public broadcaster, decided that a national final will be used to select its 2022 Eurovision entry.

Initially, the broadcaster had announced that the next Polish entry will be internally selected. The jury that was going to decide the entry had trouble choosing the one, therefore TVP was forced to organise a national final. Is noteworthy that the Polish broadcaster was going to be resented in January 4th and later was postponed.

Winner of tonights show was Krystian Ochman with his song “River”.

Poland in Eurovision 2021

Poland in 2021 was represented by Rafał and his song “The Ride”. The entry didn’t qualify to the final, after placing 14th with 35 points in his semi.

What do you think about the winner? What do you think about the selected song? Let us know in the comments below!

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