Citi Zēni Released Their New Single “Vecumdienas”!

Photo By: LTV

Citi Zēni released their new single “Vecumdienas”. The song is composed by Armands Rutkovskis, Dagnis Roziņš, Janis Petersons and Roberts Memmēns.

Citi Zēni

Citi Zēni is a Latvian pop group that was formed in 2020.

The current formation of the band has 6 members: Jānis Pētersons (vocals), Dagnis Roziņš (vocals, saxophone), Reinis Višķeris (keyboards), Krišjānis Ozols (guitar), Roberts Memmēns (bass, vocals) and Toms Kagainis (drums). Citi Zēni released their first single in 2020, whilst a year later they released their debut album.

In 2022, the group competed in the Latvian national final, Supernova, with their song “Eat Your Salad”. They managed to win the show and headed for Eurovision.

Their Eurovision entry was composed by Dagnis Roziņš, Jānis Pētersons, Jānis Jačmenkins (JJ Lush) and Roberts Memmēns.

The entry performed in the first semifinal, where it placed 14th with 55 points.

What do you think about the song? Are you going to listen to it on repeat? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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