Best Of The Last – Belgium 1973

On this new series of weekly posts, we remind you the best entries that unfortunately finish last. Sometimes, even good songs don’t manage to succeed and we are here to freshen up your memory!

We begin our new series of weekly posts with something from the past century. The year was 1973 when Belgium was represented by Nicole and Hugo with the song “Baby, Baby”. Sadly, their song finished 17th out of 17 competing entries with 58 points. The points seem to be enough not to be first from the last, but that year’s voting system actually gave to all the countries at least 32 points.

Nicole and Hugo

Nicole Josy was born in 21st of October 1946, as Nicole Van Palm. Hugo Sigal was born in 10th of November 1947, as Hugo Verbraeken. The two artists met in 1970. The duo is a couple in real life and its the reason why they started a common musical career.

At first, they were selected as the 1971’s representative for the country, but before their trip to the hosting country Nicole fell ill and they were replaced. By the end of that year, Nicole and Hugo got married.

Two years later, the duo won again the national selection and finally, represented Belgium to the contest, only to come last. The song was composed by Ignace Baert and the lyrics were written by Erik Marijsse. The conductor of the live performance was Francis Bay.

The song has become a cult in the Eurovision community, mostly due to the purple jumpsuits both were on the live performance and their unforgettable dance moves. These are the reasons why their appearance was in all the special videos at the 50 years celebrations of Eurovision – Congratulations.

What do you think about the song? Was last its deserved place? Let us know in the comment box below!

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