ESC 2023: New Voting System For The Contest!

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EBU just announced changes in the voting system of Eurovision!

In 2014, Molly represented the United Kingdom in Eurovision with the song “Children Of The Universe”. When she sang the lyric “Power To The People” I couldn’t imagine that in almost a decade the contest would be held in the UK and the voting power of the contest would be given to the people, at least for the semis!

According to an announcement that was released a few minutes ago, during the semifinals only the public will decide the 10 finalists. However, at the Grand Final the juries will stay as usual.

For the first time, viewers from the non-participating countries will also be able to vote online in the final. In order to avoid any incidents of manipulating the results, the EBU will allow the international viewers to vote through a secure online platform using a credit card from their country.

In case, you are now want to listen again to Molly’s song like me, here is her live performance in Copenhagen!


What do you think about the change? Do you believe it is an improvement or not? Let us know in the comments below!


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