Country Of The Month: Bulgaria Part-1!



Country of the month is back. We decided to continue our series of articles “Country Of The Month” with Bulgaria. In a period of four weeks, we are going to remind you of the best Bulgarian entries. Note: we selected the entries not by their place in their final, but by their impact on the fans.

Equinox – Bones

In 2018, Bulgaria selected Equinox and their song “Bones” to sent in Lisbon. The song is entirely in English.

It was composed by Borislav Milanov, Trey Campbell, Joacim Persson and Dag Lundberg. The song qualified to the final, placing 7th with 177 points. At the final, the group placed 14th with 166 points. The song won the composer award at the Marcel Bezençon Awards of the same year.

Equinox is a five-member group that formed in 2018. It consists of Zhana Bergendorff, Georgi Simeonov, Vlado Mihailov, Johnny Manuel and Trey Campbell. The first three are Bulgarians whilst the other two are from the USA. Equinox is the first Bulgarian group to sign a contract with Universal.

Zhana Bergendorff was born on 20 October 1985 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has participated on two editions of X-Factor. She participated in the Danish version of the talent show and in 2013 in the Bulgarian edition, where she won. She speaks Bulgarian, English, Danish and Korean, having lived in South Korea for a couple of years.

Georgi Simeonov became popular through his participation in the Bulgarian boyband 032 when he was 16. In 2017, prior to his Eurovision participation, he competed in the Romanian version of X-Factor. He was eliminated in the “Chair-Challenge”.

Vladimir Mihailov or simply Vlado Mihailov was the frontman of Bulgarian bands Safo and Sleng. In 2017 he was part of the Bulgarian delegation as a backing vocalist. Moreover, he is an actor having played in Bulgarian movies and having dubbed kids movies in Bulgaria.

Trey Campbell is a singer and songwriter that currently lives in Los Angeles. He co-composed Equinox’s entry for Eurovision and has also composed songs for established artists such as Bebe Rexha and Alexandra Stan.

Johnny Manuel was born in Michigan and has been performing since he was 14. In 2017 he competed on America’s Got Talent and reached the semis. In 2020, he was a finalist in the Australian version of The Voice.

Bulgaria in the Eurovision

Bulgaria debuted at the contest in 2005. Since then, it has participated in twelve times, missing the event three times – 2014, 2015 and 2019. The three times the country didn’t participate was due to financial difficulties of the public broadcaster.

Bulgaria has finished three times in the Top-10. The country has no victories in its short history. In 2017 the country scored 615 points (under the new voting system), making it the most points Bulgaria got in any Eurovision Contest it has participated. In contrast, its worst result came in 2005, at its debut, when not only it was eliminated at the semis, but also finished 19th with 49 points. At the finals, Bulgaria’s worst result is the 2018’s 14th place. The country has qualified to the final four times, three of which it was placed in the TOP-5. Bulgaria has also missed the finals by a short margin in 2008 and 2012, placing 11th in its semi.

What do you think about the song? Do you like it? Do you think is it one of the most memorable entries from Bulgaria? Let us know in the comment box below.


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