Artist Profile: Belgium 2021 – Hooverphonic!

Photo By: Willy Vandeperre / Universal

This year Belgium is going to be represented by Hooverphonic. Hooverphonic is a group that consists of three members: Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts and Geike Arnaert.

The group formed back in 1995. The only two remaining artists from the original formation are Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts. Geike Arnaert is the lead singer and was member of the band between 1997 and 2008. On November 2020, it was announced that Luka Cruysberghs has left the team and Geike has returned. Luka was in the band from 2018.

The group drown international attention with their song Mad About You in 2000. Throughout the years, the group has released a total of 8 studio albums and 25 singles. Their most recent album was released in 2018 and it was titled Looking For Stars.

Hooverphonic was going to represent Belgium last year with the song “Release Me”. After the cancellation of the contest, it was announced that will return in 2021.

Their song “The Wrong Place” was composed by Alex Callier and Charlotte Foret.

Belgium is going to compete in the second half of the first semifinal.

What do you think about the song? Can Belgium achieve its second victory? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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