S10 & BLØF Released New Single “Laat Me Los”!

S10 and BLØF released their new single “Laat Me Los”, which means “Let Me Go”. The song is composed by August Vinberg, Bas Kennis, Norman Bonink, Paskal Jakobsen, Peter Slager and Stien Den Hollander.


Stien den Hollander was born on November 8, 2000, in Hoorn, the Netherlands and it is known widely by her stage name S10.

Her career started in 2016 when she self-released her first EP on SoundCloud. Shortly after she got noticed and signed with a record label. In 2018 and early 2019 she released two more EPs, with her debut album being released on November 8, 2019 – at her 19th birthday. Her EPs are named after types of medications and in the songs she describes the struggle with mental illness.

In 2020, she released her 2nd studio album, which reached the 5th place on the Dutch charts. A year later, she released “Adem je in”, her first single to be charted. In late 2021, S10 was internally selected for representing the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Her entry “De Diepte” was composed by Stien den Hollander (S10) and Arno Krabman. The song was the first entry of the country to be in Dutch since 2010. It is also noteworthy that the song topped the local charts. At the contest, the entry placed 11th in the final with 171 points.

What do you think about the single? What do you think about the artist? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


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